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Like A Flower
Story Title: Dayton
Chapter Title: A Consequence of the Consequence: A Lie
Pairing: Will Schuester/Quinn Fabray
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 750
Summary: The non-linear tale of one night in one city and the consequences that never seem to end.
Disclaimer: Glee doesn't belong to me, at all.
Spoilers: None

Verb: Use ambiguous language so as to conceal the truth or avoid committing oneself.

Figgins’ voice sounded out from the doorway, drawing Will and Quinn away from their hushed discussion about what to do once the baby was born.
"Principal Figgins, what can I, um, do for you?" Will asked, shuffling a bit nervously as Quinn dried her eyes with her cardigan sleeve, the conversation having set off her already sensitive hormones.
"It's been brought to my attention that you and Ms. Fabray have been spending quite a lot of time together, quite a bit more time then would seem appropriate." Will's eyes widened with shock and dread, any thoughts of this story ending well flying out the window for him. "You've been allegedly seen together after school, in your car, at the store, even entering your apartment. Considering the source…" The name Sue was on the tip of everyone’s tongues,  "I would not put much faith into this, but in light of Ms. Fabray's condition, I feel I must ask what is going on."

A vision of prison loomed in Will's mind and at any other time it most likely would have overwhelmed him, but now he heard the renewed sniffling of Quinn and his situation was put into perspective. It wasn't just him on the line at this moment, but both of them, and he never knew it more than he did then. It was his job to protect his family... he just wished he'd have figured this shit out before it hit the fan.
"It's my baby."
Quinn balked at Will's admission. Months of being considered a drunken slut because she had to claim she slept with some random guy who got her drunk at a concert in Dayton (which was partly true – just, the guy wasn't random and no alcohol was involved on her end), of lying to her parents and getting disowned, of having to hold back tears at the thought of what she would have to give up to keep him safe, and he cracks under one damn question?

 "What I mean is that I'm adopting Quinn's baby... and since I clearly have a vested interest in her and her child's safety, I've been helping her out with things.  She's living in her sister's apartment, which is right next door to mine.  She asked me to help out anyway, so if you need to look into it, feel free to call her.  I know it's a unique position to be in, but..."

Quinn held her breath at Will's words, wondering where the hell they'd come from and what Figgins would have to say about them. For his part, Will was equally as shocked, but at the same time he knew that this was as close to what he really wanted to happen as possible.

"This certainly is a unique position, William." Figgins' brow furrowed as he considered this new information, clearly unsure what exactly to make of it. Eventually an uneasy smile crossed his face. "Well, at the very least I'm glad to know my prayers that Ms. Fabray would find guidance and you would find peace following your divorce have been answered." The twosome let out a sigh of relief before they put on show smiles of thanks at Figgins' words. "I will have to consider moving Ms. Fabray into another Spanish class, of course, but other than that I do not see having any other issues. As long as everything remains the same, we should all be fine." The warning wasn't lost on either of them, and they nodded submissively to the man. "Well now, very good... congratulations William, you'll be an excellent father."

Figgins stuck out his hand for a shake, one that Will returned gladly, pleased the situation was working out. Quinn found it harder to grin, her mind trying to come to terms with the situation that had been thrust onto her shoulders. She saw Figgins nod to her and was just barely able to return one, it quickly falling away when the man turned around and walked out of the choir room.

Will looked over his shoulder at her and she just looked back, her eyes showing all the different emotions that she was feeling at the moment (shock, love, fear, and confusion were just a few).

"What did you just do Will?" Quinn questioned, trying to picture the future Will had just set them on and only able to come up with pictures that were too blissful and domestic to be real.

"I protected my family, just like any father should."

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PERFECT.... Absolutely wonderful and the images were lovely to see. ♥

THANK YOU! I'm so glad you liked the story! I saw someone else post images thoughout their story and I'm a very visual person, so I just had to do it!

Wonderful!! I love the mix with text and fics and especially the last sentence is amazing. :D

*thumbs up*

Don't mind that last comment, I totally forgot I was in the wrong account!
Anyway, what I meant to say was I am so glad you're liking the story and you comment about the last line is making me blush!!

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